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Water Quality Information

Product Compliance

Central Region Water Board conducts its operations to ensure that water meets the national standards on Drinking Water Quality (MS xxxx) and WHO guidelines. The Board carries out quarterly sanitary surveys/audits for its water treatment plants.

The Board takes the quality of water of paramount importance. The Quality Control Section is equipped with technical expertise in the field of chemistry and microbiology. Our capacity to test water samples is expected to increase when the new laboratory under construction in Kasungu is operational in May 2014. The main Construction of a fully-fledged laboratory is underway in Kasungu which will enable to increase the number of samples analyzed.

Currently, the Quality Control Section conducts field water testing in important parameters such as pH, Turbidity, Residual Chlorine, Conductivity and Total Hardness. The audit and sampling target are in the table below:

Water quality auditOnce/quarter22 operating units
Treated water Samplingquarterlyxxx

Water Quality Monitoring

Central region water Board produces water to meet standards as outlined below.

ParameterWHO Guideline
Free residual chlorine (mg/L)
Faecal coliforms

Environmental management

In our operations we strive to carry out our activities in an environmentally sustainable manner.

To achieve efficiency and effectiveness, our strategic plan includes the development of management systems specifically Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and an Occupational Safety Health and Environmental (OSHE).

The purpose of environmental management is to facilitate integration of the environment, social and economic elements of our business. The key strategies include:

  • Assessment and reducing negative impacts of activities during projects implementation cycle by integrating ecological, social and economic issues.
  • Contributing towards the national (mgds)development goals
  • Ensuring optimum awareness of environmental issues amongst employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Promoting rehabilitation and conservation of water catchment areas to ensure sustainable water supply to our customers.