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The Board is committed in providing important information to its stakeholders. The reports include:

  • Water Works Act
  • Strategic Plan
    • Brief introduction of the strategic plan with period it is covering.
    • May not need the whole strategic plan

  • CRWB Newsletter                Download
  • There is a possibility of starting a quarterly/biannual/annual newsletterthat should highlight Major Board’s activities.M

  • Annual reports

    Year-end reports mostly give an overall picture of the operations, performance and achievements of the Board. Hence a brief note covering the following could serve the purpose:

    1. Human Resources and Administration (new entrants, movers, training, awards etc)link to HR & ADMIN
    2. Technical Services (production and sales volumes, capital assets for operations, etc)link to Operations
    3. Projects (current brief status of the office, link to projects)
    4. Water Quality and Environment Management (strides being done on environment, link to environment)
    5. Financial performance (with KPIs and link to financials)

  • Financial Reports 2013          Download

  • Financial Reports 2012          Download