Pay Water Bills to Avoid Water Disconnection the Time You need Water Most

New Water Connection

The Process

Customer application forms can be obtained from all CRWB Offices at a fee of MK200.00 or click here to download. The application form has the following core sections to be filled by the Customer;

  • Customer Name-which will become customer account upon connection
  • Customer Category(customer to choose from the four categories)
    1. Individual(Domestic)
    2. Communal Water Point
    3. Institution
    4. Commercial
  • Physical and mailing address
  • Customer signature and Date of application

CRWB staff will visit the proposed site for New Water Connection to determine the quantities of materials required for a connection after which a quotation of the full cost will be given to the customer. Customers can pay for New Water Connections at any of the designated pay points and should obtain a receipt for the payment which will then be included on the list of customers to be connected.

Central Region Water Board strives to effect all connections within 21 days of full payment

Upon connection customers will be allocated a unique account number for all subsequent transactions.

Fill the form in triplicate