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Mponela Zone

Mponela Scheme

Mponela water supply scheme is located in the area of Traditional Authority Mponela in Dowa District. The scheme lies along the M1 road some 60km north of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe. Out of a population of 17000 people in Mponela, around 70% is served with portable piped water. Raw water is pumped from six new boreholes and four old ones which after treatment is pumped to the tanks located in the two pressure zones of Mpanda and ADMARC. An average of 1200 m3 of water is produced from the boreholes each day. From the tanks the water gravitates to all areas around the town. The areas served include, Mshangula, SMEDI, Kalindang’oma, Dowa Secondary School, Kasalika,Chidothi, Chikuluti, Trading Centre, ADMARC, Khumalo, Chinguwo, Kasangadzi, Chipaka, Soko, Kawere and Chiwede.

Dowa Scheme

Dowa Water Supply Scheme is located at Dowa Boma in the area of Traditional Authority Msakambewain Dowa District, 21km off the M1 road at Lumbadzi Trading Centre. Dowa Boma covers an area of 1306.04 hectares and has a population of 8000 of which 64% is served by the CRWB. The scheme supplies water to the residents from both surface and ground water sources. The surface source which is 4.3 km to the north of the District headquarters is located at Kongwe along Lingadzi River. Two boreholes located at Nanthomba Forest some 2km south east of the Boma also supplies water to customers. Average daily water production from the two water sources is 545m3. Areas that are supplied with piped portable water include, Mdzikometsa, Wenela, Misi, Malata, Boma, Moya and Kongwe.

Madisi Scheme

Madisi Water Supply Scheme is located in the area of Traditional Authority Chakhaza in Dowa District. It lies along the M1 road, 80km north ofMalawi’s capital, Lilongwe. The scheme serves 50% of the total population of around 10,000 people. Water supply in the scheme is from the five boreholes located at Mkunda and Nanseta villages. An average of 530m3 of water is produced every day. Areas supplied include; Chautsi, Madisi Mission Hospital, Trading Centre, Falklands, Ntanila, Chapuma, Natola, Nanseta and Nkunda.


Ntchisi Water Supply Scheme supplies portable water to residents of Ntchisi Boma and is located partly in the areas of Traditional Authorities Kalumo and Malenga, 96km north east of Lilongwe, Malawi. The scheme serves 69% of the total population of 9,600 people. Water supply to the town residents is from surface and groundwater sources. Surface water is abstracted at Kaombe intake located along Kaombe River to the east of the Boma and gravitates to the treatment plant while groundwater is pumped from four boreholes. An average of 800m3 of water is produced per day. However, competing uses by irrigation farmers upstream of the intake, greatly reduces the water volume abstracted especially in the driest months. Areas supplied by the CRWB include, Chiwembe, Boma, New Hospital, Chimwankhuku, Kachulu, Chayamba, Mayala and Chimbwanda.