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Dedza Zone

Dedza Scheme

DEDZA SCHEME Dedza Water Supply Scheme provides water at Dedza Boma. Its offices are located near the new bus depot and opposite the house of Honorable JZU Tembo. Consumers in the supply area include individual households, institutions, commercial establishments and communal water points. Overall, the scheme supplies to 2,450 customers.

The Scheme has two types of water sources; surface and groundwater. The surface sources include Mala, Chitowe and Namanolo streams from Dedza Mountain. These sources are supplemented by 7 boreholes. The current average raw water abstraction is 1,661 m3/day. The raw water is treated by a conventional treatment infrastructure which include clarifiers, pressure filters, disinfection facilities and clear water tanks.

Ntcheu Scheme

Ntcheu Scheme supplies piped water to approximately 1,396 customers at Ntcheu Boma. The scheme abstracts raw water from both surface and groundwater sources. The surface sources include Mariko, Mpamadzi and Nkhande Rivers whose catchment is Dzonzi-Mvai forest. These sources are supplemented by five boreholes equipped with motorized submersible pumps located at Chiolewellfield. On average, the scheme produces 938 m3/day. The system has a treatment plant for treating surface water. The plant comprises pressure filters, disinfection facilities and clear water tanks.

Bembeke Scheme

Bembeke Water Supply scheme is located in TA KamenyaGwaza in Dedza District with its office located near St Joseph Teachers college.The scheme supplies water to a population of approximately 700 people representing 70 % water coverage.The water supply area of the scheme include Kapenuka, Ngononda, Kalirombe, Gwaza, chimkombero, Mkutu, Katsekaminga, Kamgulitse, Kamtande, Njimbura, Khanganya, Gundu, Kapenuka, Kantchito and Kadam’manja villages.

The Scheme abstracts raw water from Nachilambo River. The raw water is pumped by a high lift pump to a 66 m3 elevated concrete storage tank. Then water is distributed to 72 customers by gravity. The system has a compact treatment plant with a pressure filter and disinfection facility. On average the scheme produces 93m3/day.

Linthipe Scheme

Linthipe is relatively a new scheme commissioned in May 2013. The scheme is located at Linthipe 1 market centre, 55km south east of Lilongwe and 30 km north of the centre of Dedza within Dedza District.

The scheme abstracts raw water from groundwater sources using two boreholes equipped with motorized submersible pumps. The raw water is disinfected and lifted to a 100 m3 elevated steel tank and then distributed by gravity to 100 customers. Currently, the scheme produces 50 m3/day.

Dedza Secondary School (DSS) Scheme

DSS scheme was established to serve Dedza Secondary School, but now it also serves the surrounding community and part of Dedza scheme. The scheme abstracts 102 m3/day of raw water from Chitowestream in Dedza mountain. Basically, the raw water is disinfected and distributed to 55 customers.