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Board and CMT

Board Members

Following expiry of tenure of office of the former Board of Directors, which was appointed in 2014, on November, 2016; the appointing authority has appointed a new Board for Central Region Water Board. There are a lot of changes which have been made to the Board. Out of the total twelve (12) appointed members from the old Board, only three (3) have been retained. These are Directors Senior Chief Lukwa, Damazio Shumba and Senior Chief Mkumbira. Whether by design or default on the part of the appointing authority, the three belonged to three different committees in the defunct Board. Director Senior Chief Mkumbira was in the Operations and Projects, Director Shumba was in Finance while Director Senior Lukwa was in Audit Committees, respectively. What else would you ask for in terms of preservation of institutional memory. It is bravo to the appointing authority. Full list of the new Board is as follows:

Board Chairman
Apostle Madalitso Mbewe
FADC Audit Chairperson OPC Chairman
Director Raymond Nkhata Director Roy Commsy Director Carol Mvalo

Director Rev. Mercy Chilapula
Director Raymond Nkhata
Director Carol Mvalo
Director Vera Kamtukule
Director Senior Chief Lukwa
Director Damazio Shumba
Director Senior Chief Mkumbira


Director of Technical Services Director of Finance and Admin.
Mr Gift Sageme Mr Ernest Mtawali